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The ancient art of yoga with a modern twist.

A POP YOGA class incorporates classical yoga poses (asana) sequenced to a themed pop playlist.   Creative adaptions and transitions match the music and the theme.

POP YOGA is respectful of the ancient traditions and wisdoms of yoga, but adds a contemporary element.

With a killer soundtrack of carefully selected tunes, you will be stretching, toning and strengthening your body, mind and spirit in all manner of creative ways.

Traditionally Inspired

POP YOGA follows traditional principles and wisdom – just choreographed to music.  The poses (asana) are just like you’ll find in a traditional yoga class, with the first half devoted to heat building (ha) and the second half on stretching and more cooling energies (tha).  The class often starts with some Yogi breathing and energy focus (pranayama) and always ends with a blissful relaxation and/or meditation.

Beginner Friendly

Never done a yoga class before? No worries.  POP YOGA is designed for everyone – and you’ll only be encouraged to do what feels good to your body in the moment.

Balance your Body & Mind

The benefits of yoga and music therapies are well documented. With POP YOGA, the two are combined, increasing flexibility, muscle tone and core strength, while reducing stress levels to achieve better mental and emotional health.

Regular Theme Change

The “pop” theme usually changes monthly, giving you a completely new soundtrack – and yoga sequence. There’s just enough time to work on the challenges, before your practice is invigorated with something different.

Asana Workshop

The first class of a new theme is a little different from the rest. Before diving straight in, this class provides a preview of key postures and transitions that will come up in the theme, but with a chance to explore them without the timed restrictions of music to move to.  The technique and safety elements of postures are discussed, and foundational information you can bring with you into the music based classes. A perfect introduction for new participants, this is a great way to build yoga knowledge.

New themes

New class themes are added semi-regularly, with recent additions of ELTON JOHN joining the repertoire.  But favourites such as THE BEATLES, HOLLYWOOD and 80’s POP YOGA are returned to regularly, with CHRISTMAS POP becoming an annual end-of-year celebration.

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