Ancient moves, to a modern soundtrack.

A POP YOGA class is a joyous yoga experience where you move between yoga poses in time to a carefully selected playlist of pop music.

With each class created under a particular ‘theme’, creative pose adaptations and transitions will create an experience unlike any other in the ashram.

It’s a fusion of two worlds, and brings an ancient practice into modern times.


POP YOGA is perfect for yoga beginners and experts.

If it’s your first time doing yoga, it is recommended you attend the “Asana Workshop” at the start of the month, that precedes the change of music theme (and music session).

An Asana Workshop is basically POP YOGA ‘unplugged’, the music is turned off, and the month’s featured poses and transitions are stripped back and considered from a technique  perspective, often with hints and tips that may not be explained in a regular class.  It’s also an insight into options you might choose to take for certain postures and transitions.

If you miss this session, your Yoga DJ will still be there in the class to guide you safely through the poses and transitions until the next Asana Workshop.